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Published on
17 February 2016

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November 2016: Link between Japanese Barberry and Lyme-infected ticks
October 2016: Benefits to not “cleaning” your native planting beds
September 2016: Fall plant/tree/shrub sale
August 2016: Seed collecting from your native plants
July 2016: Japanese Beetles
June 2016: Spiderwort Screw-Ups
May 2016: Ants
April 2016: Garlic Mustard Be Gone
March 2016: Maple Syrup Season
February 2016: Build a Brush Pile for the Birds
January 2016: Planning Your Vegetable Garden
December 2015: Herbicide Simplified
November 2015: When to Sow Your Seeds
October 2015: What to do With Fall Leaves
September 2015: Benefits of Fall Planting

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