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How Do I Participate in Conservation@Work?

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Steps to Certification:

  1. If you are interested in making your business a Conservation@Work certified property, contact Sarah Michehl at The Land Conservancy for more information at 815-337-9502 or email her ([email protected]).
  2. Sarah will conduct an initial survey over the phone, based on the Conservation@Work Certification Criteria Checklist. This helps pre-determine qualification.
  3. Participants with strong qualifications are encouraged to set up a property visit. Those wanting information or advice on how they may get involved or improve their property will receive appropriate literature by mail.
  4. Qualified business owners will have the opportunity to get a sign signifying their participation in the program and environmentally friendly landscape. The program rate is $300 ($50 program rate and $250 tax-deductible donation), which includes a certification sign, the opportunity for employee “environmental lunch-and-learn” style presentations, and a one-year membership to The Land Conservancy of McHenry County.
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