Celebration & Memorial Oaks


Place your memorial tree order with TLC for the Fall 2020 planting! Click here for submission form .

The spring 2020 planting will take place on May 9th at McConnell Road Park in Woodstock. If you would like to participate in the planting, please email Dave at [email protected] to coordinate a private planting time on May 9th for your tree with a staff member.

What better gift than an oak tree? They live for generations, provide shade, habitat for insects, birds and other animals, plus, they are beautiful! We will provide you with an attractive gift card that you can present to the recipient.

Remember a Loved One or a Special Occasion With an Oak Tree

Just imagine, an oak that is planted today will still be growing 100 years from now. The oak will provide beauty to our community, clean air for untold numbers of people, shade on thousands of hot summer days and precious habitat for generations of wildlife.

For $50, you can have an oak planted in memory of one who has passed, or in recognition of a holiday or special occasion, and know that the individual recognized will live on forever through the tree.

We can either mail you a personalized card which can be presented to your friend or loved one, or it can be mailed directly to the recipient. If interested, you, the gift recipient, friends and family are welcome to participate in the planting!

All Memorial/Celebration oaks are planted in public locations so you will be able to visit your tree over the years.