Fox Sedge (SOLD OUT)

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Carex vulpinoidea

Exposure: Full sun-partial shade
Moisture: Wet-Medium Dry
Height: 3 feet
Bloom: June-July

Attracts insects and birds: A food plant of sedge grasshoppers (Stethophyma spp.), the Common Meadow Katydid (Orchelimum vulgare), caterpillars of several skippers (Poanes spp., Euphyes spp.), caterpillars of the Eyed Brown (Satyrodes eurydice), caterpillars of the Tufted Sedge Moth (Hypocoena inquinata) and other moths. Some wetland birds feed on the seedheads of sedges in wetlands (Mallard and other ducks, Sora and Virginia Rail, Swamp Sparrow and other songbirds, Trumpeter Swan, and some sandpipers). When the Fox Sedge forms large colonies, it provides good cover for many species of wetland animals, including nesting habitat for the Sedge Wren.