Tall Thimbleweed

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Anemone virginiana (1/2-pint plug)

Exposure: Full Sun-Partial Shade

Soil: Medium Dry- Dry

Mature Height: 3 feet

Blooms: June-July-August

Notable Features: Tall thimbleweed has long-lasting, off-white flowers. The thimble-like seed heads are ornamental, becoming fluffy when they disperse their seed. This is one of the BEST plants to collect seeds from, their seedheads are the most pillowy-soft clouds of wonderfulness. And obviously you’re going to collect the seeds and spread them around to other areas of your property or share them with a friend. This makes them fun multi-season plants of interest. Tall thimbleweed prefers open woods and clearings, making them a wonderful addition to any recently restored oak savanna or partly sunny garden.

Attracts: Small bees and flower flies visit the flowers occasionally for pollen. Bee visitors include Plasterer bees (Colletes spp.) and Halictid bees (Halictus spp., Lasioglossum spp., etc.). Usually left alone by deer and rabbits.