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A note from Lisa Haderlein

Published on
17 March 2020

Dear Friend of TLC,

On this beautiful day (March 17), I wanted to reach out and wish you and yours the best of health.

Try to enjoy this pause as the busyness of the world slows for a few weeks. As you adjust to this phase of social distancing, please don’t let it become social isolation. You are part of a community that cares, and you need to stay connected.
At TLC, we are taking the following steps to keep staff and volunteers safe:
  • TLC staff have been encouraged to work from home if they can.
  • Meetings of more than two staff members will be held electronically when possible. Nonessential meetings have been postponed.
  • Public programs have been cancelled. We are thinking about how to offer virtual programs using videos or webinars since we do not know how long this may last.
  • There will be one or two staff people in the office from 10-4 most weekdays.
  • The online Sustainability Sale is going on, and pickup is still scheduled for May 8-9 at Hennen Conservation Area.
  • TLC sites are still open to the public, and people are encouraged to visit them to take a hike. You can find TLC’s preserves by visiting, and clicking on the green markers which indicate the sites that are open to the public. To see the exact location, just click on the directions arrow in the red banner at the top of the site description.
  • Local park districts, conservation district and municipal parks are still open for hiking, but state parks are closed (locally that includes Chain O Lakes, Moraine Hills and Volo Bog).
  • Volunteer Restoration Events will still be held at TLC sites. Being outside is a good thing, and so is exercise and the camaraderie of achieving a goal together!
  • Volunteers are asked to bring their own water and food (and don’t share with other volunteers).
    • Practice social distancing at workday events by staying six feet away from other volunteers. (This is not a problem for the people with chainsaws!)
    • Wear gloves (you should probably do this anyway!)
    • If you are feeling less than 100%, please stay home.
Please feel free to contact me if there is anything I can help with. I know this situation is harder on some residents than others – even if you need help with errands, please reach out. TLC volunteers have let me know that they are available to help.
Thank you for caring. Be well.