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From Butterflies to Brush Saws: A Roundup of CLIP Week 2

15 June 2021
by Arden Podpora The second week of TLC’s internship program, CLIP, was no less eventful than the first. From butterflies to brush saws, we gained valuabl…

Let the summer begin! TLC’s CLIP program is underway

08 June 2021
Last week TLC launched its CLIP internship program, which is designed to be a hands-on learning experience designed to empower participants with the knowledg…

Learning about McHenry County’s Vernal Pools

27 April 2021
Those who attended the vernal pool hike on April 24 were treated to a beautiful hike and lots of tadpoles as well as other tiny creatures! Vernal pool…

Blanding’s Turtle found on a TLC site

12 April 2021
TLC staff found a Blanding’s Turtle on a TLC site. The turtle appears to have suffered (and healed) from a past injury. Blanding’s turtles are considered end…

Build Your Own Birdhouse for Your Backyard Birding Hobby

12 February 2021
Throughout 2020, social distancing considerably limited our options for entertainment and hobbies. Sheltering-in-place has definitely expanded our appreciati…

Become an Annual Business Supporter of TLC in 2021!

12 January 2021
If you are a business or organization that values the natural beauty and rural character of McHenry County and wants to make sure it remains that way, consid…

TLC Celebrates 200th [email protected] Property

30 September 2020
Congrats to Carol Giammattei on becoming TLC’s 200th participating [email protected] property! Not only is Carol a dedicated TLC volunteer, she’s also lan…

TLC Office Hours

28 September 2020
Need to stop by or call the TLC office in Woodstock? Our office hours for the next few weeks will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 1:00-5:00 p.m.

Splendor in the Grass

31 August 2020
After traveling 6,000 miles from Argentina, you make a stop in Alden, Illinois. You are a bobolink, one of the most traveled migratory songbirds in the worl…

Piscasaw Gardens blossoms at new location

01 July 2020
Sonja and Rich Brook have built a legacy on their farm in rural Harvard. People who frequent the Woodstock Farmers Market know the Brooks for their flavored …

TLC Completes Its Largest Land Acquisition

30 June 2020
I hope Phase 4 of Illinois’ coronavirus reopening finds you and your loved ones well, and that you are managing with any changes you’ve experienced through t…

Taking Care to be Anti-Racist

11 June 2020
The same month that I was born, August 1963, was when Martin Luther King Jr gave his “I have a dream speech,” in which he said he dreamed of a day when his “…

TLC reaches milestone in 5000 Acre Challenge

03 June 2020
The Land Conservancy of McHenry County is pleased to announce that since the launch of the 5000 Acre Challenge in late January, private landowners and munici…

Best Ways to Preserve Nature While Hiking

20 April 2020
There are a lot of reasons why hiking is one of the most popular outdoor sports. It’s easy to do, and almost anyone can do it. There’s no need for a lot of e…

A note from Lisa Haderlein

17 March 2020
Dear Friend of TLC,   On this beautiful day (March 17), I wanted to reach out and wish you and yours the best of health. Try to enjoy this pause as th…

Residents Join The Land Conservancy of McHenry County’s 5,000 Acre Challenge to Protect Oak Woods

13 March 2020
51 new acres of oak woods added since January The Land Conservancy of McHenry County (TLC) has partnered with local landowners and donors to care for 51 ne…

A look back at what TLC volunteers accomplished in 2019

10 March 2020
The Land Conservancy was looking to create a fun and meaningful way to look back on all the work we’ve been able to do with our volunteers over the last year…

Video: A look at TLC’s accomplishments in agriculture in 2019

16 January 2020
As we look back on 2019, we thank Food:Land:Opportunity for their generous support of our work to promote local food farmers and regenerative farming in McHe…

TLC Preserves 83 Acres of Wetland, Sedge Meadow and Wet Prairie in Woodstock

27 December 2019
The Land Conservancy of McHenry County (TLC) has preserved an 83-acre property, Slough Creek Wetland Bank, located northwest of Woodstock on Jankowski Road. …

Hawk release at Wolf Oak Woods

06 December 2019
Earlier this fall a young red-tailed hawk was found at Wolf Oak Woods that had likely been clipped by a car. She had a concussion and other injuries. Staff f…

Meet TLC Volunteer Mary Mariutto

04 November 2019
The best ideas surface when friends meet new friends over coffee. In 2008, Rene Dankert invited me to meet Lisa Haderlein and Linda Balek for coffee and brai…

In Memory of Lynn Pensinger

05 September 2019
TLC member and friend Lynn Pensinger passed away on Sept. 1. In 2009 the Pensingers protected their three-acre Woodstock property with a conservation easem…
TLC receives

TLC Receives National Recognition

29 August 2019
In August, TLC was accredited by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission. To become accredited, TLC provided extensive documentation and was subject to a co…

The Nature of Flooding will keep changing

31 May 2019
If it seems that rain events are more intense and frequent than they used to be, it’s because they are. Precipitation patterns absolutely have changed ove…
Vernal pools

Meet TLC Volunteer Carol Giammattei

12 April 2019
How (and when) did you start volunteering for TLC? I read a newspaper article about an Oak Rescue being held at Yonder Prairie in Woodstock with The Land …
June Keibler1

Meet June Keibler, one of TLC’s new board members

28 February 2019
June Keibler returns to TLC’s board of directors in 2019 after serving on the board from 1991-96. She and her husband Steve live in Dundee and have a grown …
Becky w 1

In Memory of Becky Walkington

18 January 2019
Becky Walkington, daughter of Dick & Betty Babcock, passed away Jan. 16, 2018 after a struggle with cancer. Becky continued the stewardship of Spring Hol…
Tree Tips

An Arborist’s Perspective on Tree Care

01 November 2018
Many people tell me they don’t think that trees need care or attention. They think that trees in the woods don’t need help to survive, so they don’t do anyth…

Want to Protect Woodlands, Prairies and Wetlands? Vote.

02 October 2018
I received this article from Jessica Campbell and Lois Johnson of the McHenry County chapter of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby and would like to share it with y…
Tree Tips 1

Oak Care in Cold Weather

04 September 2018
Tree Tips by Davey Tree Expert Company Summer is drawing to a close and fall is near.  The oaks are getting ready to put on their fall show and go int…
purple milkweed 400 300

Purple Milkweed Exists …

20 July 2018
 in McHenry County! This purple This purple milkweed was found at a high-qualty natural area near Woodstock. It’s different from common milkweed …
Wolf Oak photo 1

Let the Sun Shine In

20 July 2018
If you drive along Illinois Route 120 between Woodstock and McHenry, you have surely seen the Wolf Oak Woods property. This is the site where “that oak” live…

Happy Valentine’s Day

11 February 2018
What do you associate with Valentine’s Day? Hearts and flowers? A box of chocolates? Valentine’s Day cards? Birds? In the fifth century A.D., Pope Galesius e…
virginia bluebells

Garden Memories

14 July 2017
A garden can be much more than a beautiful part of one’s home. It can also be a connection to people and the past.A garden can be much more than a beautiful …
grain field for website

You only need farmers when you’re hungry!

06 June 2017
“Well, I suppose we don’t need farmers much. Just three times a day.” That’s a comment I’ve heard many times from Orion Samue…
101212 corn harvest smaller

Farming & Land Conservation

26 April 2017
What is conservation? The definition is “the careful preservation of something.” Conservation is talked about typically in the context of nature,…
Youth Winner Wingate Hankins2 for web

Need Silence? Take a Hike!

02 December 2016
I cannot recall the last time I experienced silence – the complete absence of sound. Sure, there have been times that I would describe as “quiet,&rdquo…
fog photo 110416 web

Fog Season

04 November 2016
“The fog comes on little cat feet” wrote Illinois poet Carl Sandburg in 1916 as he watched the fog roll in at the Lake Michigan shore in Chicago….
Baltimore Checkerspot webpage

The Birds and the Bees

10 August 2016
This is a story about the birds and the bees (and the bats and the bugs). That’s right, it’s a story about plant pollinators. Insects like bees a…
buckthorn in woods

Bonnie and Clyde visit the woods (reprint)

08 April 2016
I understand that it is welcome to see something green in the woods after winter, but please keep in mind that the welcome glint of green you see spells trou…
Spanish Point Indian Mound

Human Nature as Seen Through Landfills

08 April 2016
Have you ever heard of middens? They are basically really old landfills. The word comes from an old Scandinavian word, moedding, which means an old dump for&…
scotts yonder sandhill 2009

Welcome Spring!!

20 March 2016
Did you see it? A beautiful sunset on your drive home at 6:30 in the evening.I smelled it the other day. The scent of rich soil heated by the midday sun.Sure…
kens yard

The Long Forgetting & Great Remembering

21 February 2016
My friend Ken Williams, a horticulturist at Ringers Landscape Service in Fox River Grove, wrote a great blog post about TLC’s 25th Anniversary Brunch last mo…
HomePage LoonWithChick

Of Loons and Climate Change

13 February 2016
I remember the first time I heard a loon. My husband, Tom, and I were camping one summer in northern Wisconsin near a small lake. That first night, we heard …
scientists clues print

Weather and a Changing Climate

13 February 2016
Interesting weather this winter, wasn’t it? Last December brought tornadoes to the south and a blizzard to west Texas. Locally, we set some near-record…
iowa dot

Why not roadside prairie in McHenry County?

22 July 2015
Have you driven through Iowa? The roadsides are beautiful. Native wildflowers and grasses line the roads throughout much of the state, offering habitat for w…

Break the Lawn Addiction

11 June 2015
It is iconic. The American lawn: green, neatly cut and free of any plant but grass. No violets. No clover. Definitely no dandelions! It ranks right up there …
controlled burn

Does Fire Bug Wildlife?

14 April 2015
When conservation groups burn natural land, does it disturb wildlife species? Simply put, yes. Then why do we do it, and how can we call it “ecological…
Earth flag PD

The Big Three: Air, Water & Food.

30 March 2015
It has been a couple of years since I mentioned “The Big Three.” With Earth month (April) starting on Wednesday, it seemed like a good time to refresh our co…

Bird Migration over the years

16 February 2015
Today, most people know that birds migrate by flying south during winter, and then fly north again as the days grow longer and temperatures rise. We also und…
acoma pueblo view

How Long is Forever?

19 November 2014
A friend of mine in New Mexico is descended from a Spanish family that has been in Albuquerque since 1593. His ancestors were among the first settlers given …
tiny frog in hand

Save Land/Save Ourselves

06 November 2014
Over the past 544 million years, Earth’s had five major extinction events. A major extinction is one where between 70% and 90% of all species on the planet a…
farm pic for web

Local Farmer/Local Food

03 September 2014
My husband and I have subscribed to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) service since 2007. For 18-20 weeks during the growing season (typically late Jun…
prairie ridge 2 385x291

Respecting property lines

01 August 2014
I heard a story the other day about a situation where one neighbor did not like another neighbor’s pine tree because the branches grew over part of his…
tree limbs overhand roofs

Trees and the Law

20 June 2014
What is the law if a tree is on your property, but the branches hang over the neighbor’s property? Does your neighbor have the right to cut the branches tha…
bee pollen

The Buzz about Honey Bees

15 June 2014
Did you know that nearly one-third of the produce (fruits, nuts, vegetables) consumed in the US is pollinated by honeybees? And without honeybees, those item…
amur honeysuckle

Bonnie and Clyde visit the woods

23 April 2014
I understand that it is welcome to see something green in the woods after winter – especially after the winter we just had – but just keep in mind that the …
bumpy sign

Slowly Driving Them Crazy

05 February 2014
Yes, I am the one driving my car 25-40 mph on Route 14 between Bunker Hill Road and Hughes Road from Harvard to Woodstock and back again most days of the wee…
winter tree wishnick 2012

Acclimate to Winter

16 January 2014
Most years, I dread January – cold, sleet, ice, and heavy grey skies. But not this year. Because winter started in earnest last November, I am already accli…
moreland weers snow 2012

Brrr, it’s Bitterly Cold!

05 January 2014
Why is it so cold? Simply put, cold is caused by the absence of heat. Sometimes conditions are such that there is much less heat in an area. For instance: Sn…
monarda frost small 225x300

Winter Frost

27 December 2013
The drive to work this morning was magical. There was a light fog that put everything in a soft-focus. Plus, vegetation was glistening with a delicate l…
2nd day 122 july 231

Happy Winter Solstice

21 December 2013
It’s Party Time! We may be under the threat of a Winter Storm Watch, but today we celebrate the longest night of the year, and tomorrow we know that there wi…

Thinking like a Mountain

22 November 2013
There was a sad report out of Whiteside County in Illinois this week. A female mountain lion was killed by a Wildlife officer from the Illinois Department of…
Snow angel

First snow thoughts

11 November 2013
November 11th, and the season’s first snow is falling in Woodstock. It seems early this year, but I suppose that is just a function of my age and t…
123111 group hug with big white 385x284

Third Generation Oaks

08 November 2013
“We are responsible for the third generation of oaks in McHenry County.” Mary Tree McClelland, horticulturist, Glacier Oaks Nursery in Harvard. To Mary’s way…
Milky way 2 md


05 November 2013
November has always been a misfit month to me. Fall colors are giving way to browns and greys. The bright white of the first snow usually waits until Decembe…
102712 baby scarlet for web

Autumn Color

15 October 2013
The season known as fall started September 22nd in the Northern Hemisphere. My first clue that autumn’s arrived is the transformation of green fields of soyb…

Oaks are tough, but still need TLC!

27 September 2013
Oaks are tough. But they aren’t invincible. On my daily commute between Harvard and Woodstock, there are several majestic oaks I’ve admired over the years…
080505 nipper n branch pappas 1

The Commons

07 September 2013
There is a concept known as the Commons which refers to all of the natural resources that do not belong to any single entity or individual, but belong to so…

The Big Three

25 August 2013
Have I mentioned “The Big Three”? These are the three things – in some combination – that all life needs to survive: air, water and food. Humans live j…
rich and sonja brook

Natural Benefits of Local Food

12 August 2013
Do you know where your food comes from? When eating at a restaurant, picking up a quick fast food snack, or sitting down to eat at home, do you know where ea…
drgonfly on coneflwr

Natural Mosquito Control

23 July 2013
I read this great article about how native plants can help reduce mosquito populations by attracting more of the critters that eat them! I saw it on the blog…

Water: Don’t Waste a Drop!

22 July 2013
In McHenry County, water is all around us: Groundwater. Wetlands. Watersheds. Stormwater. Even so, all of the water people use locally comes from the ground….
kid with lawnmower

Break Free from the Drone of the Lawnmower

14 June 2013
Spring arrived late this year, and with it came the weekend drone of lawnmowers. Many an otherwise perfect Sunday afternoon nap has been shattered by a neigh…
tartarian honeysuckle

Be aware of Invasive Species

02 May 2013
The month of May is officially Invasive Species Awareness Month in Illinois! The goal of the month is to help every resident of the state find out what he o…
flying squirrel

It’s Squirrel Week!

09 April 2013
It’s Squirrel Week at the Washington Post! Kind of like “Shark Week,” but featuring furry, bridseed-eating rodents rather than cold-blooded predators. Column…

First Green of Spring = Trouble!

30 March 2013
Any day now, a faint green will start showing up in local woods right at eye level. While the spring color may be welcome to one’s winter-weary eyes, it is a…

World Water Day

22 March 2013
A friend of mine, Debra Shore, is on the board of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District which oversees management of the stormwater and sewage treatmen…

Private Land Conservation Grows in Illinois, Locally

13 March 2013
Illinois conservation land trusts have helped preserve more than 200,000 acres of open land in Illinois over the last 50 years.  The conservation land trus…

Geese love the suburbs!

05 March 2013
I heard them before I saw them, hundreds of Canada geese. A raucous honking as the birds circled a pond, vying for a spot to spend the night. The sun was nea…

The Nature of Natural Selection

20 February 2013
In my last post – the one with the poem about cardinals – I revealed that while cardinals mate for life, they are not necessarily faithful to their mates. St…

A Valentine’s Day poem

10 February 2013
When most people think of Valentine’s Day, they think of hearts and flowers, boxes of chocolate, valentine’s day cards, Cupid and his arrow — all that stuff…
101212 corn harvest smaller

Where, oh where have the hedgerows gone?

03 February 2013
The last year or two, I’ve noticed changes to the farm fields I pass on my commute between Harvard and Woodstock each day. The hedgerows are thinning and in …
tree hugger

Nature and the Economy

28 January 2013
I heard an amazing speaker at MCC recently, Jon Erickson, Dean of the University of Vermont’s Rubenstein School of the Environment and Natural Resources. Eri…

Roundabout the Rotary

21 January 2013
From an environmental perspective, I like highway rotaries (also called roundabouts). They allow traffic to keep moving, which cuts down on cars having to st…

Don’t take water for granted

09 January 2013
I am fascinated by water. Humans can only survive a few days without it, and our bodies are 65% water. Less than one percent of the water on planet earth …
monarda frost small 225x300

“Snowflake” Bentley

27 December 2012
I posted this once before, but thought the weather forecast warranted running it again! Hope you don’t mind! When first married, my husband and I moved to Ve…
Milky way 2 md

What is Darkness?

17 December 2012
While driving late one night between Woodstock and Harvard, it struck me how dark it seemed. Most house lights were out, so the landscape visible along Route…
bittersweet pics

Winter Control of Brush and Vines

04 December 2012
Some folks may think that with the onset of winter, we can stop thinking about invasive plants – after all, they aren’t growing in winter, right? Well, while…
fog and tree

It’s fog season

24 November 2012
“The fog comes on little cat feet” wrote Illinois poet Carl Sandburg in 1916 as he watched the fog roll in at the Lake Michigan shore in Chicago. The next li…
florida under water

Climate Change and the Future

09 November 2012
Did anyone else notice that the President mentioned climate change during his victory speech early Wednesday morning? Specifically, he said: “We want our chi…

Kale does not get my vote…

06 November 2012
Has this election cycle left you with a bad taste in your mouth? Well, at least no one’s making you eat kale. I’m a fan of eating seasonally fresh foods, …

An Urban Oasis and Why it Matters to McHenry County

17 October 2012
I want to share an inspiring story that I heard earlier this week: Some years back, Michael Howard, Director of the Fuller Park Community Development Orga…
tana nancy cali demo planting 2008

A Few Thoughts on Oaks and Climate Change

07 October 2012
We worked with a group of 9 volunteers the other day to plant 120 oak trees. While taking a mid-morning donut break, folks were talking about whether or not …
lisa at acadia 2009 cropped

Blogging about a Blog?

02 October 2012
The latest news is that I now have a blog about nature on the NW Herald’s website:…
esker at wolfs 2010

Reading the Land

26 September 2012
As the crops are harvested in the fall, the land’s forms become more clear. Gentle swells and swales that were obscured by corn are suddenly prominent. If on…
yonder baltimore checkerspot randy 062511 385x289

TLC is Not…

09 August 2012
When The Land Conservancy of McHenry County did a survey of members and other community stakeholders last year, one of the frustrating results was …
glacier 1937_385x298

A warming planet affects the world’s most vulnerable most

27 July 2012
Okay, someone has to say it, and it might as well be me. The average temperature on the planet is rising. It has been for some time. Sea levels are rising. W…
april 09_burn_300x225

A Drought of Words About Drought

22 July 2012
Drought. It’s a serious problem this year, but I have been reluctant to write about it. Frankly, the images that come to my mind are not pretty. I think of f…

Words of Wisdom from a very old Bur Oak

05 July 2012
There is a bur oak at Woodstock’s Hennen Conservation Area that has come to be called “Granny” oak, in recognition of multiple generations of her progeny tha…

A couple (3) haikus for our oaks

05 July 2012
Do you remember writing haiku poems in Grade School? They are short – a classic haiku is just 17 syllables, in a three line, 5-7-5 format. In Japan, where th…

McHenry County & Biodiversity

01 June 2012
“Green infrastructure” – as opposed to traditional built infrastucture like roads – includes the living systems like wetlands and woodlands that provide…
karth 310_north_from_drive_110810_300x225

Can People Learn to Live with Trees?

11 May 2012
It seems that local trees have been in the news a lot this year. And it looks like the trees are often losing to “progress” or “infrastructure.” Here are jus…
prairie ridge_2_385x291

Green Infrastructure: the Living Backbone of our Communities

05 May 2012
The word infrastructure brings to mind roads, power lines, sewers and other built systems that support the human population. But there is also a natural, liv…

Ticks & Lyme Disease

07 April 2012
This early spring brought some pleasant surprises. Chorus frogs were singing in early March. Apple trees were blooming in the fourth week of March. Virg…
scotts yonder_sandhill_2009

Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge

22 March 2012
The proposed Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge just took one step closer to becoming a reality when the US Fish & Wildlife Service released an Ass…
burn training_2010_385x288

It’s Time to Burn, Burn, Burn

16 March 2012
You’ve probably noticed smoke in the air recently. The season for burning natural areas in McHenry County arrived early this year! Typically the temperature …

When It Comes to Creating Wetlands, Mother Nature Is in Charge

12 March 2012
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA What follows is an article from ScienceDaily regarding the r…

February is National Bird-Feeding month!

20 February 2012
I’ve been watching the little dark-eyed juncos at the bird feeder today. They keep hopping onto the tube feeder and then quickly off. I did some reading, and…

How old is that oak?

13 February 2012
When we say that we found an oak that is at least 400 years old, what do we base that conclusion on? Obviously, we would have to cut the tree down to count t…
yonder baltimore_checkerspot_randy_062511_385x289

What does the warm winter mean?

02 February 2012
In December 2010, I wrote an article about the coming of winter – “Slow down and take a cue from nature” In it, I discussed the fact that in this part o…

Snowflakes and Wilson Bentley

31 January 2012
When first married, my husband and I moved to Vermont from Chicago, motivated by our image of that state as a beautiful, rural paradise – the antithesis of g…

Whether we weather the weather

30 December 2011
As I write this, it is December 30, 2011, 11am, and I am in Woodstock, Illinois. And it is about 40 degrees and raining. Okay, that looks as strange in …

Keep me in the Dark. Please!

29 November 2011
When was the last time you saw the Milky Way? What, you say you’ve never seen it? Well, you’re hardly alone. We live in a time when millions of people are gr…
kessler at_tauck_2008

The Power of the Individual

15 November 2011
In our work at TLC, we are often reminded of the power of the individual to make a profound difference in the world. An acre at a time, and after twenty year…

What’s Forever?

22 October 2011
I was talking with a landowner recently about the restoration he and his wife are doing on their property, a former farm field. He said “It was a farm field …

The Miracle of Seeds

27 September 2011
Millions of small miracles happen this time of the year, as pollinated flowers transform into seeds. Seeds that will feed birds and wildlife throughout the w…

Hummingbirds are on the move!

02 September 2011
While on the phone with a friend the other day, I spied a hummingbird at the feeder by my window. “Wow, that’s a fat hummingbird,” I exclaimed. He pointed ou…

Let it Rot!

26 August 2011
Home-made compost is one of my biggest gardening joys. The amount of energy required to make a great soil amendment is so minimal, that I’m surprised more pe…

Signs of the Times? Drought, Flood & Fire

27 July 2011
Two weeks ago, the weather experts were talking about how 2011 could turn out to be the driest July on record for the Chicago area. Well, driving to work tod…

What are You waiting for?

22 June 2011
We each need to do something – now. That was the message from Dr. Kathleen Dean Moore at last night’s Moral Ground discussion at MCC. If you would like to…

Color on wing(s)

27 May 2011
A wide variety of brightly colored birds are visiting Hennen Conservation Area these days, and it appears that at least some of them have decided to call the…

Frogs, Turtles and Salamanders, Oh My!

31 March 2011
Did you hear the sound of a thumb raking over the teeth of a comb while on a recent…

Are Oaks Like People?

01 March 2011
The first TLC easement was accepted in 1991 from Leta & Alice Clark at the corner of Thompson Road & Route 120. The sisters wanted to be sure that th…

Why does it snow?

17 January 2011
Do you ever wonder why it snows? With the regular snow events that we’ve had since early December, I find myself thinking about snow – where it comes from…

John Fowles’ Tree

10 January 2011
In 1979, author John Fowles released his non-fiction book “The Tree.” Coming from the author of The French Lieutenant’s Woman, this sweet little book must ha…

Slow down, take a cue from nature!

15 December 2010
As I look around this time of year – leaves off the trees, flowers now brown, insects and other small creatures hidden away – I can’t help but think of the w…

The restorative power of fire

24 November 2010
It seems counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? Using fire as a tool to improve the condition of natural areas. Yet, through millenia of struggle between plants, …
karth 310_north_from_drive_110810_300x225

What’s Scenic About Fleming Road?

14 September 2010
If you’ve driven on Fleming Road, you have probably thought “This is pretty” or words to that effect. But why do people react that way to some drives and not…

Native Americans and the Land

07 September 2010
Did you know that native people, for perhaps thousands of years before Europeans arrived on this continent, managed the land to make it more conducive to hun…

What Makes a Road Scenic?

26 August 2010
It may be safe to say that “scenic” is in the eye of the beholder. One person’s scenic drive may be tedious to another who just wants to get from point A to …

Another Reason to Buy Local Food?

26 August 2010
As if we needed another reason to purchase our food from local sources, along comes the Great American Egg Recall of 2010! Billions of eggs potentially ta…

The Dog Days of Summer!

12 August 2010
I thought a nice winter photo would help me keep my cool while writing about the heat! I heard someone refer to the “Dog Days” of summer, which got me won…

Water is Life!

07 August 2010
I heard a talk about Water this morning by Reverend Budd Friend-Jones of the First Congregational Church of Crystal Lake. He spoke of the spiritual aspects o…

The Heat of Summer

28 July 2010
For the month of July, the average high temperature in Chicago is 83.5. So far this year (2010), the average high temp in July is closer to 87. The average l…

Are the bats trying to tell us something?

15 July 2010
I read an article about bats in the most recent University of Vermont alumnae magazine today. It made me want to cry. Bats are dying due to a little-under…

Where does the time go?

01 July 2010
It’s July 1st. How did half the year get by me already? When in grade school, summers seemed long & luxurious. Lots of time to do all the things that …

There are Fungus Among Us!

25 June 2010
>This is a blusher mushroom found June 24, 2010 in some woods north of Harvard. I’d never seen one of these in person — only in photos. It’s a type of…

Why Does Wind Blow?

09 June 2010
It’s a windy day today! The leaves in the trees are in constant motion, creating that wonderful rustling sound. What is wind? We can’t see it. It doesn’t …

Slow Down for Turtles!

27 May 2010
I’m thinking about getting some turtle crossing signs to put up along Dean Street in Woodstock, asking people to slow down and yield to these little fellas! …

Thinking About Fleming Road…

20 May 2010
I’ve been thinking a lot about Fleming Road (runs from Route 120 to Country Club, about 2 miles). If you haven’t driven it, it is worth the drive. Truly one …

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