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Restore Land

The Land Conservancy’s goal is to actively restore the properties that we own, along with several City of Woodstock sites including Ryders Woods, Emricson Park, Westwood Conservation Area and Donato Conservation Area. Why is it important to restore these natural areas? Prior to European settlement, Illinois was a vast mosaic of oak savannas, prairies, and wetlands. As settlers moved in they carved pieces out and planted ornamental species and agricultural crops from their homeland, making tiny little patches in a vast wilderness that they could live in and grow food. Today the opposite is true. The landscape is dominated by residences, businesses, or agricultural monocultures and nature is now packed into tiny little patches where native animals and plants can survive.

It’s important to preserve these patches of nature, but it’s also important to do hands-on restoration. If left unmanaged, properties tend to be quickly over-run by non-native, invasive plant species that crowd out the native plant species that are indigenous to our area.

Managing the land we own is a lot of work, and we couldn’t do it without the help of our volunteers! TLC volunteers gather at Restoration Work Days throughout the year to cut invasive brush species (such as buckthorn and honeysuckle), to pull invasive plants such as garlic mustard, and conduct prescribed fires to enhance the growth of native species. TLC’s Restoration Volunteers receive on the job training from experienced land managers!

To receive email notice of future workdays, please fill out a volunteer form.

Feel free to contact Megan Oropeza at [email protected] with any questions. 

Information about upcoming Restoration Work Days can be found on our events calendar