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About TLC

McHenry County’s landscape is richly diversified. Its features range from glacial remnants such as kames, moraines, and outwash plains, to the more recent woodlands, prairies, stream corridors, bogs and fens.

Lifelong residents, as well as new residents, are attracted to McHenry County’s special combination of small towns, natural areas, rural character and rural agricultural fields and farmsteads.

Since 1991, The Land Conservancy has helped protect over 3,200 acres of McHenry County’s prairies, wetlands and woodlands by working with private landowners, communities and other partners. We do this by accepting donated conservation easements and direct acquisition of property (through purchase or donation).

When we take such sites under our care, it is our intention to protect them on behalf of the community forever.

Preserving Land For Life

Vision: The Land Conservancy of McHenry County will be a respected voice for local land and water resources and for the contributions of private landowners in ensuring that future generations will enjoy the natural, agricultural and scenic landscapes that residents enjoy today. The County will be known for its permanently preserved diverse and irreplaceable landscapes, scenic vistas that reveal the glacial and agricultural heritage of the area, and strong community support for conservation. A diverse and growing membership and a strong volunteer base will work effectively  alongside staff to nurture and expand a conservation community.

Mission: To partner with the residents in and around McHenry County to preserve natural, scenic and agricultural land for the benefit and health of the whole community.