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Bringing Environmental Stewardship to the Workplace

Some of the largest landholders around are businesses, churches, and other community organizations whose properties offer a tremendous opportunity to impact water quality and wildlife in the region. Through Conservation@Work we educate business owners and organizational leaders on the benefits of native plants, ways to conserve the rainwater that falls on their land, proper management of invasive species, and how to reduce chemical use and watering. These practices help preserve and restore our natural environment, and can drastically reduce maintenance costs. These steps also provide shelter for beneficial wildlife, and beautiful outdoor spaces that enhance employee and customer satisfaction. Those who employ these principles can earn Conservation@Work certification, receive a sign recognizing their efforts, and one-on-one advice about ways to make an even more positive environmental impact on their property. 

Interested in making your business a Conservation@Work certified property? Contact Sarah Michehl at [email protected] or 815-337-9502 x 109. Sarah will conduct an initial survey over the phone, based on the Conservation@Work Certification Criteria Checklist. This helps pre-determine qualification.

Participants with strong qualifications are encouraged to set up a property visit. Those wanting information or advice on how they may get involved or improve their property will receive appropriate literature by mail.

A $250 (tax-deductible) annual TLC Business Membership is required for participation. The one time Conservation@Work program fees are $100 for businesses with 10 or less employees, and $250 for businesses with 11 or more employees. Contact Sarah today to get started!

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