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TLC’s Latest Conservation@Home Yard Certification – Jermaine Burney

Published on
02 May 2023
Congratulations to Jermaine Burney on his Conservation@Home yard certification! A new oak landowner in Crystal Lake, he reached out to TLC for advice on caring for his yard in a way that will support his 150-year old trees. During the site consult, we found great native woodland wildflowers like wild ginger, mayapple (seen in pic), wild geranium, solomon’s seal, and common violets that he didn’t know were there! This is good news for his old oaks and pollinators too, as they all support each other. We’re excited to send him a list of ways to remove invasives and encourage the growth of more native plants.
Want to learn more about caring for your oak trees? Visit and check out the resources. Enter your cared-for oak acreage and get a free 6-month TLC gift membership. Want to schedule a site consult like Jermaine did? We’re now booking for June! Email TLC’s Community Ecologist, Sarah Michehl, at [email protected] to set it up.