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Meet TLC Board Member Kurt Taylor

Published on
25 January 2024

How do you spend your days? (work, volunteering, etc.)
I still work, but I own the company and have time to volunteer and do what I’d like to do most days. I’m also on the Bunker Hill Farms charity board as the acting treasurer.

What are your ties to McHenry County? 
We moved to Woodstock in 1989, so our roots are rather shallow, but we love the place and want to see it thrive and remain beautiful.

Why did you decide to join the TLC board?
I’m a huge proponent of preserving and restoring green space in the county. My house backs up to Yonder Prairie, which is amazing. I saw the work being done there and wanted to get involved.

I’m also a proponent of regenerative agriculture and learned, from discussions with TLC Board member Rob McCormack, that The Land Conservancy is also. We need our farms, but our soils are dying a slow death through chemical monoculture agriculture. I thnk that we should do whatever we can to educate our hard-working farmers.