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TLC reaches milestone in 5000 Acre Challenge

Published on
03 June 2020

The Land Conservancy of McHenry County is pleased to announce that since the launch of the 5000 Acre Challenge in late January, private landowners and municipalities have increased the total to over 4,000 acres of oak woods cared for in McHenry County.                                                     

The 5,000 Acre Challenge is forging partnerships with private landowners, who now own 85 percent of the county’s remaining oaks, and seeking support from municipalities and the public. TLC believes meeting the 5,000 Acre Challenge is crucial to protect the environment and character of McHenry County.    

Oaks and other trees help clean the air and water and reduce air temperature, helping to conserve energy. They reduce flooding and support our native wildlife. Native oaks evolved with native plants and wildlife to make unique ecosystems that are some of the most endangered in the world.

TLC is offering an Oak Keepers webinar on June 12 for those who would like to learn more about caring for oak trees. The webinar will include tips on how to investigate the history of your land, basic oak habitat plant identification, and equipment suggestions with related safety procedures. The class is free, and registration closes Monday, June 8. Participants can sign up at

Visit to learn more about caring for oak trees and to include your oak acreage in the total.