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Hawk release at Wolf Oak Woods

Published on
06 December 2019

Earlier this fall a young red-tailed hawk was found at Wolf Oak Woods that had likely been clipped by a car. She had a concussion and other injuries. Staff from the MCCD Wildlife Rehabilitation Center picked her up and cared for her over the past couple of months, ensuring she was rehabilitated and ready for a safe return to the wild. On Dec. 4, 2019 she was released back to her home at Wolf Oak Woods! Thank you to the staff at the McHenry County Conservation District for rehabilitating her and returning her to her home!  (Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the video!) 

Hawk release

The hawk ready to take flight. (Photo courtesy of Randy Schietzelt)

Hawk before

The hawk on the day she was found injured. (Photo courtesy of Lauretta Wolf)


A red-tailed hawk goes home to Wolf Oak Woods!

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