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Congratulations to the 2021 Art of the Land photo contest winners

Published on
22 November 2021

First Place, Jay Florian, Boloria Meadows

The judges liked the whimsical quality of the photograph and its beautiful background. They said it was well seen by the photographer, and they noted the good detail on the bird.

Second Place, Todd Weber, Irish Oaks Savanna

The judges liked the juxtaposition of the oak branches and the vanishing background below. They said the photo conveys a great sense of depth and makes the viewer feels like he or she is part of the scene. It also conveys the oak aspect of TLC properties and leads you back into the photo.

Third place, Nick Urbanik, Irish Oaks Savanna

The judges liked the photo’s composition and the unique background color that makes the photo stand out but doesn’t distract from the subject of the image. They also noted the texture of the tree trunk and the blur/bokeh in the background.

Honorable Mention, John Splitt, Conservation@Home

The judges liked the dramatic nature of the photo, as well as its beautiful colors and detail. They remarked how the photographer captured the bird at a good moment.

Honorable Mention, Todd Weber, Irish Oaks Savanna

The judges liked the mood of the photo, as well as the beautiful sky and how it complements the drama of the grass.

Honorable Mention, Dan Holtz, Yonder Prairie

The judges liked the wonderful detail and the great composition of the photo, with the design of the flowing water into the background.

People’s Choice Winner, Friday – Todd Weber, Irish Oaks Savanna

People’s Choice Winner Saturday – Wendy Van Klei, Yonder Prairie