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Congratulations to the 2022 Art of the Land photo contest winners!

Published on
21 November 2022

First Place, Cheri Magrini, Ryders Woods

The judges liked that seeing this photo made them want to go for a walk in Ryders Woods. The pathway leads you back, beautiful detail and the photo is mysterious without being spooky.

Second Place, Michael Schmitt, Lynda Clayton Preserve

The judges enjoyed the beautiful, simple composition of this photo. The background sets off the light and detail. The photo held the detail everywhere. They also enjoyed the combination of the buds and the bloom.

Third Place, Cory Cosman, Westwood Park 

The judges thought this photo captured the light beautifully. The background is soft and the foreground is detailed, almost musical.

Honorable Mention, Nancy Adami, Boloria Meadows

The judges liked the beautiful light in this nicely composed photo. There was good detail, backlighting, motion and flow in the background.

Honorable Mention, Margie Bjorkman, Hidden Marsh

The judges liked the soft background, the inclusion of water and woods, good detail, and of course the one strand of web is what makes this photo stand out.

Honorable Mention, Nancy Loomis, Wolf Oak Woods

The judges liked the mood, composition and use of negative space in this photo. They also liked the silhouette, placement of the brightest spot in the photo and the combination of foliage and bare branches.

People’s Choice Award – Friday, John Splitt, Conservation@Home

People’s Choice Award – Saturday, Debra Ramai, Yonder Praire