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Consider Solar Energy and Help TLC

Published on
18 May 2021

Now is a great time to go solar in Illinois.

McHenry County is no stranger to extreme winters, but the increase in extreme weather events in the US and around the world shows how climate change is already affecting us. Our state has recognized that local renewable energy can be part of the solution. The Illinois Shines program encourages Illinois residents to sign on to solar power and provides resources to help consumers sort through the process (see here).

Solar power is expected to play a big role in helping Illinois meet its renewable energy goals. Illinois has committed to producing 25% of its power from renewable resources by 2025; we’re currently at 10%. Solar farms and rooftop solar will put more renewable energy directly into the state’s power supply and reduce the need for energy from fossil fuels, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and improving the sustainability of our local power grid.

In addition to the environmental benefits of solar power, homeowners and renters can save money on their monthly electric bills by signing up for either community solar or rooftop solar.

Why does TLC support solar?
The goals of the Illinois Shines Program and the benefits of renewable energy match the values and goals of TLC. Part of land stewardship and a healthy environment requires more responsible energy development. Dependency on fossil fuels and nuclear power is not a healthy long-term solution for land preservation. TLC is proud to support the goals and aims of the Illinois Shines program. 

Go solar and help support TLC’s mission.
There are three basic ways to implement solar: 

  • Purchase and install solar panels on your property  
  • Lease an installed system on your property from a solar system provider
  • Join a local solar farm by signing up for community solar  

Two providers have agreed to give The Land Conservancy referral bonuses for getting people signed up for solar. If you are considering solar, check out these providers and make your impact go further by helping fund TLC’s goals. 

  • Sunrun is one of the nation’s largest installers of home solar systems. They offer options for purchasing or leasing systems and installing them. They are offering $750 dollars in the form of a Visa gift card issued to The Land Conservancy of McHenry County. Please contact Sunrun at (224) 250-3009 for an estimate for installing a solar system on your home.  
  • Arcadia is a community solar manager and is offering a $75 donation to TLC for every person that signs up. In addition, each person who signs up to pay their power bill through Arcadia will get a $25 bill credit. This is a great option for people who can’t install systems on their properties because they rent, don’t have the right kind of roof, or don’t want to spend the upfront time or money to install rooftop solar panels. Click here to sign up for Arcadia and a $75 donation will go towards TLC:

*** The Land Conservancy of McHenry County does not specifically endorse or promote the named solar providers and does not have the experience or expertise to evaluate these listed companies. The Citizens Utility Board is a great resource for more information and provides much more detailed background information to help you make your decision. They provide a list of qualified installers and suggest contacting more than one company for comparison. ****