Invasive Species Control

Here are some good resources to help manage the most common invasive plants found in McHenry County.

amur honeysuckle

If there are additional species that you think should be included, let us know

Photo credit: Paul Wray, Iowa State University,



Garden Valerian

Garden Valerian



Garlic Mustard

Garlic Mustard








Japanese Barberry
James H. Miller, USDA Forest Service,

Japanese barberry James Miller US Forest Service


Leafy Spurge
Photo credit: Steve Dewey, Utah State University,

leafy spurge




Mullein 7 17


Multiflora Rose
Rob Routledge, Sault College,

Multiflora rose


Oriental Bittersweet
Photo credit: James R. Allison, Georgia Department of Natural Resources,

oriental bittersweet



Photo credit: Leslie J. Mehrhoff, University of Connecticut,



Purple Loosestrife
Photo credit:Linda Wilson, University of Idaho,

purple loosestrife


Reed Canary Grass

Reed Canary Grass



Russian & Autumn Olive
Photo credit: Steve Dewey, Utah State University,

Russian olive


Siberian Elm

Siberian Elm


Spotted Knapweed

Photo credit: Rob Routledge, Sault College,

SpottedKnapweed3 517404 7


Sweet Clover

Photo credit: University of Alaska – Anchorage , University of Alaska – Anchorage,

white sweet clover

Photo credit: Tom Heutte, USDA Forest Service,

Yellow sweet clover







Canada thistle blossom 7 17


Wild Parsnip

parsnip flowering and forming seed 7 17

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