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We all Live Downstream

Published on
27 February 2012


TLC is pleased to announce the donation of a 23 acre permanent conservation easement along the west branch of Dutch Creek in Johnsburg. A small oak savanna, wetland and riparian habitat on the property are located within the Remington Grove subdivision that has been in limbo since the original developer filed for bankruptcy a few years ago.

TLC’s interest in the property was  driven by its location immediately upstream from the Dutch Creek Marsh Natural Area Inventory Site. The continued management and restoration of the easement property will benefit the downstream natural area through enhanced water quality, reduced invasive species encroachment, storm water management and slowing of floodwaters.

Christopher B. Burke Engineering was in charge of restoration from the project’s inception until 2012. Now, TLC is responsible for monitoring and management of the property to ensure that the natural areas do not decline. An annual payment from the Homeowners’ Association covers management costs.

The project came about through a US Army Corps of Engineers wetland mitigation permit that the developer had to obtain as a result of some minor wetland impacts that would occur through construction of the subdivision.

Frankly, given the economy, TLC does not expect to see many projects of this nature in the foreseeable future. It is nice to know that we were able to see this project through, as it will benefit the environment and residents in and around the Village of Johnsburg forever.