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Learn more about oak trees

Published on
13 January 2020

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Learn more about oak trees

  • Learn to support and incorporate oaks in your landscape. Programs include: 
  • Collect and Share Native Seed so others can enjoy the benefits of native plants. Open to TLC members, Seed Sharing Day takes place on a weekend in the fall. The 2020 date will be announced soon! 

  • Learn the tools to inspire others to become advocates for our local natural communities. Attend TLC’s free Nature Talk workshop in early February 2021. 

  • Learn to conduct a prescribed burn. Prescribed burns are an important tool for maintaining natural areas and preserving high quality habitat for plants and animals. Periodic fire has been an important part of the historical landscape, and is one of the best ways to control weeds and unwanted brush, as well as to promote a healthy diversity of plants. TLC’s prescribed burn class is held in late March. 

  • Tree & Shrub Identification – TLC offers these classes in the winter and spring/summer. Learn more about the trees in our area and how to identify them. 

  • Beginners Chainsaw Training – Learn about personal protective equipment, basic chainsaw maintenance, and the development of technique to safely fell a tree and cut it up. The chainsaw training class is offered each fall. 

  • Learn to Burn – Held in late March in Woodstock 

  • Vernal Pool Hike – Held in late April near Harvard
  • Spring Wildflower Walk – Check out the video from May 2020 and learn more about our native wildflowers. 


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