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oak boloria planting

Living with Oaks Award Program

oak boloria planting

The Living with Oaks Award program was started to recognize those individuals, businesses, local governments and others who go above and beyond to ensure that our McHenry County community will have oaks in the future.

Award recipients include:

  • Villages that have strong tree preservation rules in place to restrict the removal of mature trees and also require planting of native, mast-producing trees such as oaks & hickories.
  • Individuals who have not only restored their oak woods, but have also chosen to permanently protect them with a conservation easement.
  • Nurseries that have helped with the propagation (raising) of oaks that are planted as part of Project Quercus.
  • An individual who worked with ComEd to get them to change their tree “trimming” practices in his Village to stop the spread of disease among the cut trees.

We invite you to nominate any worthy individual, business, organization or municipality for a Living with Oaks Award! Click here for the Nomination Form. Nominations are accepted throughout the year, with the final deadline of January 7, 2022. Any nominations received prior to that date will be evaluated for possible recognition at TLC’s Annual Meeting/Awards Brunch held January 30, 2022.