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Sapling cut

Project Quercus Update

Sapling cutMcHenry County was once 40% woodland.  Our remaining oak and hickory trees are keystone species that support a large variety of native plants and animals.

Project Quercus reaches out to schools, communities, and organized groups to participate in preserving and restoring our oak hickory woodlands.  Spring and summer of 2014 we worked with three large school groups, the Village of Port Barrington, and McHenry County College.  Approximately 520 enthusiastic citizens cooperatively planted 200 oak seedlings with care.  The seedlings were grown from McHenry County acorns collected through the Acorn Roundup and were nurtured by Glacier Oaks Nursery in Harvard.  Planting sites included Port Barrington, Dutch Creek Conservation Area, Lippold Park, Three Oaks Recreation Area and the Dick York Memorial Garden at MCC.

Planting oaks feels great. If interested in helping to plant oak trees, notify our office.  All ages welcome.   

TLC’s volunteer Oak Keepers continue to survey woodlands on private properties.  Please notify the office at 815-337-9502 if you would like your woodland surveyed.

Contact Dave Zeiger for more information on oak plantings or becoming an Oak Keeper, [email protected].