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The Dance of the Woodcock

Published on
13 February 2023

Spring is here! Join us as we attempt to witness American woodcocks perform their amazing courtship flights. The male woodcocks will make several preent calls and then launch themselves into the sky. While they are flying up, you can hear the wind whistling through their feathers. They descend in a zigzag pattern while making a chirping sound and land back where they started. Be sure to dress warm with sturdy shoes you don’t mind getting muddy and bring a flashlight! The walks at Boloria Meadows and Hennen may involve some hiking on mowed trails after dark, and trails may be muddy or icy depending on the weather. The walk at Barefoot Ridge will only be in the parking area. Registration is required.

Wednesday, April 12, 7:15pm-8:15 p.m., Barefoot Ridge, 1304 Deerpass Rd, Marengo (register here by April 10)

Fee: Free, please register at the link above