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Acorns growing into oak w Mary

Third Generation Oak Fund

Acorns growing into oak w MaryThe Third Generation Oak Fund started in August 2007 to provide funding to cover the direct costs associated with the oak planting program. TLC is slowly building the fund through sale of oaks each spring and fall, as well as the Celebration & Memorial Oak Tree Program that was started in June 2008. 100% of the Memorial Oak contributions are placed in this fund, and 30% of the price paid for oaks purchased through the tree sale go directly to the Third Generation Oak Fund.

We need to give special acknowledgement to Glacier Oaks Nursery for making this project happen. They were the ones who proposed creation of the Fund, and offered to help raise funds for it by donating oaks for the memorial program, and by donating 30% of the purchase price of every oak sold back to the fund.

Individuals may designate tax deductible contributions to this fund and know that the dollars will be used only to support hard costs related to Project Quercus. The funds are NEVER used to pay for staff time or operating expenses like rent or utilities!