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Water is Life!

Published on
07 August 2010

I heard a talk about Water this morning by Reverend Budd Friend-Jones of the First Congregational Church of Crystal Lake. He spoke of the spiritual aspects of water – the life force that all religions somehow honor through their creation stories and important rituals.

Our bodies are about 70% water, as is the planet. Where there is no water, there is no life, for all life on our planet evolved in a water world.

Reverend Friend-Jones suggested that when we look into water, we see ourselves – not just our reflections, but our deeper selves as a people. What does our relationship with water say about us? What kind of people would treat the source of all life on the planet as a waste product or a garbage can?

Call me a savage, but I don’t think you need modern religion to be moved by that idea!

Consider the Lakota word for water, “mee-nee.” The literal translation of “mee-nee” is “my spiritual quality of life.” The Lakota regarded water as the life source, and felt they had been entrusted to care for this Sacred Resource by the Creator!