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What is an Oak Rescue?

OakRescue355x266Have you ever seen a 300-year old oak tree? Most likely not, because most of them are surrounded by a dense thicket of buckthorn and honeysuckle, making it difficult to see the oaks. Many of our ancient oaks are being choked by invasive species. Their lower branches are dying and their acorns are not able to grow into trees because they don’t get enough light.

An Oak Rescue is a way people can join together and free an old oak tree from the brush that surrounds it.  Some people cut the brush with saws while others stack the cut brush into piles that we start on fire to keep us warm. It’s a few hours of work that is gratifying because we leave the big old oak in much better condition than we found it…free to breathe and reach out its branches.  And its acorns are able to grow into big old oaks.

Come to an Oak Rescue and enjoy the winter air and the warm feeling of doing something good for one of McHenry County’s oldest residents! 

Good food,
Good people,
Good work!

Stay tuned for info on TLC’s next oak rescue!