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Wingate Circle

Published on
18 June 2012


“The experience of sitting beneath a bur oak, finding a leopard frog, watching a cooper’s hawk hunt, or discovering a trillium in bloom… these are things that everyone should have the  chance to enjoy close to home, in their neighborhoods.” ~Bill Wingate


Bill Wingate — noted educator, naturalist, and one of the original founders of The Land Conservancy — had a vision. Through his life and his work, Bill inspired generations of area residents, young and old. His vision for McHenry County included abundant natural lands and open space, accessible to all members of the community.

To preserve Bill’s legacy, TLC recognizes donors who contribute at the $1,000 level as Wingate Circle members.  Their commitment ensures that TLC can be a good steward of the lands it manages and respond to additional conservation opportunities as they arise.

Please join the Wingate Circle and make your own contribution to a legacy of protected land, ensuring that some things will never change.

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