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Crowley Oaks Restoration Workday

Crowley Oaks Woods 18725 Crowley Rd., Harvard

Join Larry for another restoration adventure at Crowley Oak Woods! Restoration has been occurring on this 80 acre tract since the winter of 2020 and we're making excellent progress clearing the brush from the highest quality […]

How to Convert Lawn to Wildflower Meadow with Seed

Barrington Area Library 505 N. Northwest Hwy., Barrington

Tired of maintaining large sections of lawn grass? Want to attract birds and butterflies? Learn how to convert areas of your lawn to a native wildflower meadow from seed in […]


The Dance of the Woodcock

Yonder Prairie 1100 S. Rose Farm Rd., Woodstock

Spring is here! Join us to watch American Woodcocks performing their amazing courtship flights. The male woodcocks will make several preent calls and then launch themselves into the sky. While they are […]