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Bonnie and Clyde visit the woods

I understand that it is welcome to see something green in the woods after winter – especially after the winter we just had – but just keep in mind that the welcome glint of green you see spells trouble for our...

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Be aware of Invasive Species

The month of May is officially Invasive Species Awareness Month in Illinois! The goal of the month is to help every resident of the state find out what he or she can do to help stop the spread of invasive plants, animals,...

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First Green of Spring = Trouble!

Any day now, a faint green will start showing up in local woods right at eye level. While the spring color may be welcome to one’s winter-weary eyes, it is a sign of trouble for native oak and hickory trees. The problem with...

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Winter Control of Brush and Vines

Some folks may think that with the onset of winter, we can stop thinking about invasive plants – after all, they aren’t growing in winter, right? Well, while we may not have to worry about them growing during the...

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