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Tag: McHenry County

Meet TLC Volunteer Mary Mariutto

The best ideas surface when friends meet new friends over coffee. In 2008, Rene Dankert invited me to meet Lisa Haderlein and Linda Balek for coffee and brainstorming to develop a fundraiser for TLC, and Art of the Land was...

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Local sources for farm-fresh food

A listing of local sources for farm-fresh food. Meats, Veggies and more MM Graff of M’s Organic Farm 14101 Washington Street Woodstock, IL 60098 630-945-4458 Organic...

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Fog Season

“The fog comes on little cat feet” wrote Illinois poet Carl Sandburg in 1916 as he watched the fog roll in at the Lake Michigan shore in Chicago. The next line, “It sits looking over harbor and city on silent...

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Third Generation Oaks

“We are responsible for the third generation of oaks in McHenry County.” Mary Tree McClelland, horticulturist, Glacier Oaks Nursery in Harvard. To Mary’s way of thinking, the first generation of oaks was the one that...

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Roundabout the Rotary

From an environmental perspective, I like highway rotaries (also called roundabouts). They allow traffic to keep moving, which cuts down on cars having to stop and start at a light or stop sign. That saves gas and results in...

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