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Tag: McHenry County

Blogging about a Blog?

The latest news is that I now have a blog about nature on the NW Herald’s website: It is called “Speaking of Nature,” and the...

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Reading the Land

As the crops are harvested in the fall, the land’s forms become more clear. Gentle swells and swales that were obscured by corn are suddenly prominent. If one takes the time to learn the language of the land forms, the land...

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A Drought of Words About Drought

Drought. It’s a serious problem this year, but I have been reluctant to write about it. Frankly, the images that come to my mind are not pretty. I think of famine and pictures of small children with distended bellies...

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Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge

The proposed Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge just took one step closer to becoming a reality when the US Fish & Wildlife Service released an assessment that recommends a location, configuration and habitat focus for...

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How old is that oak?

When we say that we found an oak that is at least 400 years old, what do we base that conclusion on? Obviously, we would have to cut the tree down to count the rings, and unless it is already dead, we aren’t going to do that! The...

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