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Author: Glenda

Living with Nature’s Engineers

A beaver is caught in the act of repairing a dam on Dutch Creek at 4:30 a.m. on Valentine’s Day. TLC saw beaver activity on four preserved properties in 2023. Two of the TLC properties with beaver dams and lodges are just 25...

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Vernal Pool Hike

Vernal pools are a little known but extremely important feature that occurs in our McHenry County oak woods. Come learn why these pools are essential for amphibians and other creatures like fairy shrimp! Dress to get muddy...

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Forest Bathing Walk – March 22

Join certified forest bathing guide Jennifer Boudart for a mindful walk to celebrate the arrival of the spring season. You’ll be guided through a series of invitations to slow down and tune into your senses as you notice what...

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