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Author: Glenda

TLC’s Spring Sustainability Sale is Open!

Reserve your native plants, trees, shrubs, rain barrels and composters for local pickup in May. You can help our local environment while also helping TLC! Place your pre-order from March 21-April 17. View TLC’s Spring...

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A Prescribed Burn at Irish Oaks Nature Preserve

Last week a group of volunteers came out to help with a prescribed burn at Irish Oaks! Prescribed burns are conducted rotationally to mimic what would have occurred before Illinois was settled. Native plants, which are adapted...

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Living with Nature’s Engineers

A beaver is caught in the act of repairing a dam on Dutch Creek at 4:30 a.m. on Valentine’s Day. TLC saw beaver activity on four preserved properties in 2023. Two of the TLC properties with beaver dams and lodges are just 25...

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