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Author: Glenda

Living with Nature’s Engineers

A beaver is caught in the act of repairing a dam on Dutch Creek at 4:30 a.m. on Valentine’s Day. TLC saw beaver activity on four preserved properties in 2023. Two of the TLC properties with beaver dams and lodges are just 25...

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Meet TLC Board Member Terry Willcockson

How do you spend your days? Retirement has been an interesting motivational experiment, following decades of intense daily work and family demands.  Zen time is spent with books, movies, music and theatre, along with nurturing...

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Meet TLC Board Member Melissa Cooney

How do you spend your days?  I have lots of hobbies including knitting, needlepoint, and I travel as often as I can. What are your ties to McHenry County?  I was TLC’s attorney from the early 1990s until my retirement. Why...

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