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Author: Glenda

Spring Hollow–A Special Area

In July 2013, the Spring Hollow easements were transferred from the Natural Land Institute in Rockford to The Land Conservancy of McHenry County for long-term stewardship. When established in 1977, this was the first conservation...

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Heritage Oaks

As the oldest residents of McHenry County, old oak trees connect us to a time before McHenry County existed – before the State of Illinois was established – in some cases, before the Declaration of Independence...

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Voices of the Land – The Frisbies

In 1993, Hugh and Marlene Frisbie purchased farmland outside of Woodstock where they built their home, raised their children, opened a plant nursery and began restoring the farm fields to native prairie, wetland and woodland...

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Voices of the Land – The Bothie

If you drive west out of Woodstock along South Street, you may have seen a new house that looks old. It overlooks an expanse of open prairie, with a remnant oak grove near the road that welcomes the eye. The owners placed a...

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We all Live Downstream

TLC is pleased to announce the donation of a 23 acre permanent conservation easement along the west branch of Dutch Creek in Johnsburg. A small oak savanna, wetland and riparian habitat on the property are located within the...

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Voices of the Land – The Swansons

The Swansons, both retired teachers originally from McHenry, have always been strong conservationists. Marti is a longtime member of both The Land Conservancy and Environmental Defenders of McHenry County. When Marti and Ken...

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