Author: Lisa

What’s Scenic About Fleming Road?

If you’ve driven on Fleming Road, you have probably thought “This is pretty” or words to that effect. But why do people react that way to some drives and not others? The hills. The trees. The curves in the...

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Native Americans and the Land

Did you know that native people, for perhaps thousands of years before Europeans arrived on this continent, managed the land to make it more conducive to hunting? They lit fires to keep the brush down in the woods, and to keep...

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What Makes a Road Scenic?

It may be safe to say that “scenic” is in the eye of the beholder. One person’s scenic drive may be tedious to another who just wants to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible, and is annoyed by...

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Another Reason to Buy Local Food?

As if we needed another reason to purchase our food from local sources, along comes the Great American Egg Recall of 2010! Billions of eggs potentially tainted with Salmonella bacteria, and thousands of people sick as a result. The...

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The Dog Days of Summer!

I thought a nice winter photo would help me keep my cool while writing about the heat! I heard someone refer to the “Dog Days” of summer, which got me wondering about where that term came from. First off, the dog...

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Water is Life!

I heard a talk about Water this morning by Reverend Budd Friend-Jones of the First Congregational Church of Crystal Lake. He spoke of the spiritual aspects of water – the life force that all religions somehow honor through...

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