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Respecting property lines

I heard a story the other day about a situation where one neighbor did not like another neighbor’s pine tree because the branches grew over part of his yard and he thought the roots were going to crack his foundation....

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Trees and the Law

What is the law if a tree is on your property, but the branches hang over the neighbor’s property? Does your neighbor have the right to cut the branches that are hanging over his property? Can he sever the roots along...

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John Fowles’ Tree

In 1979, author John Fowles released his non-fiction book “The Tree.” Coming from the author of The French Lieutenant’s Woman, this sweet little book must have surprised many. The writing style is pure Fowles...

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Slow down, take a cue from nature!

As I look around this time of year – leaves off the trees, flowers now brown, insects and other small creatures hidden away – I can’t help but think of the wisdom of Nature. Months ago, as the amount of daylight...

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What’s Scenic About Fleming Road?

If you’ve driven on Fleming Road, you have probably thought “This is pretty” or words to that effect. But why do people react that way to some drives and not others? The hills. The trees. The curves in the...

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Why Does Wind Blow?

It’s a windy day today! The leaves in the trees are in constant motion, creating that wonderful rustling sound. What is wind? We can’t see it. It doesn’t have a smell of its own or a color or substance. But,...

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