Author: Lisa

The Heat of Summer

For the month of July, the average high temperature in Chicago is 83.5. So far this year (2010), the average high temp in July is closer to 87. The average last summer was about 80 degrees – one of the coolest July’s...

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Are the bats trying to tell us something?

I read an article about bats in the most recent University of Vermont alumnae magazine today. It made me want to cry. Bats are dying due to a little-understood disorder called “White nose syndrome.” The disorder...

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Where does the time go?

It’s July 1st. How did half the year get by me already? When in grade school, summers seemed long & luxurious. Lots of time to do all the things that I wanted, plus extra things that were not on my personal to do...

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There are Fungus Among Us!

>This is a blusher mushroom found June 24, 2010 in some woods north of Harvard. I’d never seen one of these in person — only in photos. It’s a type of Amanita, which are usually poisonous, but this a non-deadly...

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Why Does Wind Blow?

It’s a windy day today! The leaves in the trees are in constant motion, creating that wonderful rustling sound. What is wind? We can’t see it. It doesn’t have a smell of its own or a color or substance. But,...

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Slow Down for Turtles!

I’m thinking about getting some turtle crossing signs to put up along Dean Street in Woodstock, asking people to slow down and yield to these little fellas! Last week we saw a painted turtle that had been run over right...

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