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Author: Lisa


November has always been a misfit month to me. Fall colors are giving way to browns and greys. The bright white of the first snow usually waits until December. Sure, there’s Thanksgiving – my favorite holiday – but not until...

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Autumn Color

The season known as fall started September 22nd in the Northern Hemisphere. My first clue that autumn’s arrived is the transformation of green fields of soybeans into golden, then brown expanses as the plants die. A drive along...

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Oaks are tough, but still need TLC!

Oaks are tough. But they aren’t invincible. On my daily commute between Harvard and Woodstock, there are several majestic oaks I’ve admired over the years that are showing signs of decline, and even a few that have been removed...

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TLC + MCCD = More Oaks Preserved

The Big Woods of McHenry County once extended from Marengo to Alden, straddling the steep topography of the Marengo Ridge. Today only scattered remnants of that woodland survive, with most of those blocks less than twenty...

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